Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Hours

Our hours of operation for the rest of 2013 will be from 7:00am to 6:00pm and we have special hours for upcoming holidays:

Christmas Eve: 7:00am to 1:00pm
Christmas Day: Closed
New Year's Eve: 7:00am to 4:00pm
New Year's Day: Closed

Happy Holiday & New Year from all of us at CIA! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Help re-open Santa Cruz Island

The Channel Islands National Park has just released their General Management Plan (GMP) outlining the park use over the next twenty-five to forty years. Park officials had indicated they would include an option of reopening the airstrip on the East end of Santa Cruz Island for public access as part of this plan. Unfortunately this did not happen and as a result we need your help lobbying park officials.

If the airstrip were to be reopened, CIA could again take the public to Santa Cruz Island. The East end strip is less than a fifteen minute flight from the Camarillo Airport which will make trips a fraction of the price of our current trips to Santa Rosa Island. The island offers water sports such as snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking as well as scenic hiking trails with views of Anacapa Island. Access to East Santa Cruz is currently available only by boat and we believe the public deserves an airplane transportation option.


Please click here to visit theNational Park's website that is set up for public comment regarding the GMP. Please mention that you would like to see public access to the East end of Santa Cruz Island by airplane included in the GMP. All comments must be received by January 9, 2014 so please make yourself heard right away.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts to help us in our campaign. Santa Cruz Island is a large part of our history as our first flight to the island was in 1975 which later lead to our founding and is the reason for our name. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SkyWest Q&A 11/23

Representatives from SkyWest Airlines will be here Saturday, November 23rd for a Career Fair and will be hosting a Q&A on their Pilot Bridge Program at 9:00am. If you'd like to learn more about the program please send your RSVP to or sign up on Schedulepointe. Coffee & donuts will be provided.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CIA in Ventura County Star

Channel Islands Aviation made the front page of the Ventura County Star on Wednesday, October 16th! Below is a link to the article:

VC Star Article with photos

Channel Islands Aviation forms partnership to feed the need for pilots

By Carol Lawrence
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Commercial pilots are anticipated to be in high demand over the next 20 years, and Channel Islands Aviation Inc. in Camarillo has just kicked off a new program to help fill that need.
Based out of the Camarillo Airport, the 37-year-old flight school and business has joined a growing trend of professional flight schools and regional airlines partnering to get new commercial pilots into jobs quicker.
The bridge program between Channel Islands Aviation and regional carrier SkyWest Airlines out of St. George, Utah, will mentor career-minded pilots in training and promises interviews to improve the chance at getting hired by SkyWest.
“This is a way for people here in the local area to flight train, and start a career locally, and know they are going to have a career with the one of the best regional airlines in the business,” said Sarah Oberman Bartush, manager of the flight school and a member of the family that owns the business.
Such programs have formed as regional airlines, which operate half of the nation’s commercial flights, and the major carriers see the widely predicted pilot shortage unfold due to upcoming retirements, orders for new planes and federal regulations that extend the time it takes to become a licensed pilot and lessen the amount of time pilots can fly.
The SkyWest pilot cadet program is giving Thousand Oaks resident and certified flight instructor Ashley Tinkler a chance to realize the dream she’s had for most of her 24 years.
Tinkler got “the bug” to fly and become a commercial airline pilot from parents who were flight attendants and a grandfather who was a pilot.
“I love flying above the clouds,” Tinkler said. “I love the structured rules. The work is very challenging, but also very fun. I’m not stuck in an office, and not seeing the same thing every day.”
Under the program, Tinkler, already a private pilot, a single-engine commercial pilot and a flight instructor, must accumulate 1,500 hours of flying and earn a multi-engine certificate to meet Airline Transport Pilot requirements before she can work for SkyWest.
Her goal is to complete all the requirements in two to three years and then fly with SkyWest. It’s why she joined the cadet program, she said.
“SkyWest is at the top of its class in terms of how they treat employees,” Tinkler said.
Tinkler will be able to learn about SkyWest, what it looks for in a pilot and about the job through a mentorship with a SkyWest pilot, said Wes Horrocks, spokesman for SkyWest. Once all the qualifications are met, cadets like Tinkler are promised an interview for a co-pilot position.
SkyWest has similar programs with 12 other flight schools.
New co-pilots typically work three to four days a week, according to Horrocks. Salaries start at $22 per flight hour and they fly an allowed 60 hours a month, which increases to 75 over time. By the third year, the salary grows to between $28.24 and $35.97 per flight hour, depending on the plane type, according to the company website.
Horrocks said pilots typically build up flight hours with regional airlines and then go on to the major airlines.
Regional carriers, however, all will have to wait longer than before for new co-pilots. The Federal Aviation Administration just raised the required flight hours to 1,500 hours from the previous 250 hours under new Airline Transport Minimums. Other new rules include longer rest periods for pilots between flights.
SkyWest needs new pilots because its parent company, which owns ExpressJet Airlines Inc. in Atlanta, the world’s largest regional airline, has ordered 100 new planes for the two regionals. It’s also reserved 400 more with manufacturers over the next five years.
The new planes, which will be delivered across several months, will fit more passengers to meet demands from SkyWest’s major-carrier partners and will provide greater fuel efficiency, Horrocks said.
“If we’re able to continue growing and taking on new aircraft, that would mean we would need more pilots,” Horrocks said. “The number will depend on the number of aircraft, but we are looking at hiring pilots on a regular basis and training on a regular basis.”
Bartush, with Channel Islands Aviation, said the business has rebounded from the Great Recession, and this will only help. The professional pilot program, which costs about $65,000, has about 25 students and 75 to 100 in the flight school. About half the graduates have worked for SkyWest, she said.
Bartush believes SkyWest chose to partner with Channel Islands because it offers a professional pilot program and trains it pilots with a flight simulator, a popular tool with carriers.
“It’s a big deal for us, and also an honor to be selected,” Bartush said. “We’re obviously doing something right if they want to work with us.”
Santa Barbara Business College, with a campus in Ventura, also has heard about the pending pilot shortage and is considering developing a two-year degree in aeronautics with commercial pilot flight instruction.
Chicago-based aerospace giant Boeing predicted in a recent industry forecast that 498,000 commercial airline pilots will be needed to fly new airplanes expected to be delivered over the next 20 years. North America will need about 17 percent of that, the study said.
That prediction and studies by the FAA, universities and other aerospace companies have prompted the partnerships between regional carriers and flight schools, said Regional Airlines Association President Roger Cohen.
“I would tell any young person that if you’re even thinking about becoming an airline pilot, don’t hesitate — do it,” Cohen said. “There will be a job, and a good job, for you as long as you follow the right path.”

Saturday, October 12, 2013

SkyWest Airlines Bridge Program

Channel Islands Aviation has partnered with SkyWest Airlines for a Pilot Cadet Program. This program is designed to give those enrolled in CIA’s Professional Pilot Program a path to employment with the airline.

Program Prerequisites:
  • Pilot must complete his or her Instrument, Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor with Channel Islands Aviation
  •  Pilot must hold a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Pilot must receive a letter of recommendation from CIA’s Flight School Manager
  •  Pilot must maintain a  minimum grade point average

 Program Details:
  • Once a pilot meets the above prerequisites, he or she will be participate in a SkyWest orientation to become an official SkyWest Pilot Cadet.
  • After becoming a Pilot Cadet, he or she will instruct at Channel Islands Aviation* or another school in the SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program.
  • Once the Pilot Cadet maintains a minimum grade point average, completes advanced jet training courses and attains the FAA ratings of Commercial Pilot/Instrument and Multi-Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor, he or she will be invited back to SkyWest for a formal interview. Pending the results of the interview, he or she will be offered employment with the airline

*CIA does not guarantee employment but tries to hire program graduates

For more information on this exciting new program, please contact:
Sarah Oberman Bartush
Flight School Manager
(805) 987-1301 x 126

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wings Over Camarillo

The Wings Over Camarillo Air Show is scheduled for August 17th & 18th. Our offices will be CLOSED both days but we will have a booth on the lawn for the show. If you have a flight lesson please contact your instructor and if you'd like to rent an airplane please contact the Flight Desk by Friday, August 16th. We will run our Santa Rosa Island daytrips as scheduled - pilots will meet passengers at our office before walking out to the airplanes.

The airport & runway will be closed Saturday & Sunday from 12:00 to 4:30pm for the air show.

If you have any questions please visit or call the Flight Desk at (805) 987-1301 x 0.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Academy in VC Star

Channel Islands Aviation's Youth Aviation Academy was featured in the Ventura County Star on Friday, June 21st 2013! To read the complete article please visit the link below: